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Legum for Individuals

Connect with Legal Information and Experts Anytime, Anywhere.

Our user-friendly platform provides you access to legal information and connects you with qualified lawyers at affordable rates. Our simplified procedure offers users transparent and convenient legal services to empower them with the knowledge and confidence to advocate for themselves.

Legum for Lawyers

All-in-one Legal Process Automation Tool for Lawyers

Our platform makes it easy to connect with potential clients seeking legal services. We have streamlined appointment scheduling, client communication, and service engagement to allow you to showcase your expertise and target specific demographics.

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Building for the Future

Artificial Intelligence

We are utilizing AI to reimagine a future where legal assistance is seamlessly integrated into everyday life, increasing efficiency at reduced cost.

Legum 4 Document Interactions

Ask your document questions and our lawyers are available to provide more help if needed.

Legum 5 Document Review and Analysis

Analyze complex documents in seconds with our AI-powered tool.

Building for the World

UN SDG 16.3

Our work aligns with the broader goals of UN SDG 16.3 - ‘Access to Justice’. We are fostering a culture of legal awareness, empowering individuals, and promoting transparency and accountability within the legal system.

Legum 7 People-Centered Justice

We put people at the heart of everything we do. Our collaborative space, powered by cutting-edge technology, empowers both legal experts and individuals online and offline.

Legum 8 Social Impact-Driven

Every action we take is fueled by a desire to create a positive impact on society. We are breaking down barriers and paving the way for a more just and equitable society online and offline.

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Building for the Youth

Legum is promoting youth peacebuilding and access to justice by increasing youth representation and engagement in conflict management and resolution.

Legum 10 Youth Driven Initiatives

We are creating a space for young people to make meaningful contributions to political and decision-making processes hereby promoting youth empowerment and inclusion in governance.

Legum 11 Youth Advocacy

We are promoting human and digital rights advocacy through sensitization and knowledge sharing as young people have clear desires for a future without violence.

Legum 12 Legum Student Community

We are amplifying youth justice conversations by working with relevant stakeholders to promote youth-led and rights-based movements.

Goals Our GOALS

Star Access to Justice

We are breaking down institutional barriers to the justice system through advocacy, technology, and stakeholder collaboration.

Star One Stop Legal Technology Tool

Seamless access to legal information, experts, and services is affordable, transparent, and user-friendly.

Star User-Friendly Environment

A collaborative space, powered by cutting-edge technology, empowering both legal experts and individuals online and offline.

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